It was 3 a.m. and I was at the end of my wits. I rolled out of bed, exhausted but unable to sleep, and dropped into my desk chair to see if I could find any other miserable pregnant women surfing the ‘net. I googled “I hate being pregnant” and found out – hurray! – that I am not alone, and there are plenty of pissed-off preggers chicks out there, cranking away online and venting our frustrations. I mentioned it to hubby, who happens to be rather handy at all things web- and computer-oriented, and within a day he fixed me up with a quick template and a blank blog. I suspect that he was not only trying to do something, anything, to placate his cranky wife, but that he’s hoping this will offer me a new direction to vent my frustrations (i.e., away from him. Smart fellow.) To his credit he’s been very good at tolerating my general bitchiness. He has the “correct” response to my complaints down pat; he sighs, looks at me sympathetically, holds me and mutters “You poor girl.” He used to say, “You poor girl, this won’t last forever,” but quickly learned that reminding me of the still-lengthy time remaining and/or diminishing my misery by mentioning the impermanent nature of it was not a smart approach. This process usually ends with hubby running off to the store for strawberry milk, chocolate of some sort, filet mignon or whatever oddball vegetable I happen to be craving at the moment.

So here we are. Welcome to my personal pregnancy bitch session. Feel free to chime in. If you happen to be one of those lucky gals who “loves being pregnant?” Well, just shoo, you. Bugger off, okay? I know that pregnancy is a special time in my life, and that I may look back on this and remember it fondly, and that I’m lucky that I am bringing a special new life into this world, yadda yadda yadda. That does not negate my perfectly valid feelings of pain, massive discomfort, general crankiness, and hormonal rage, amongst many other complaints. So you cheery pregnant people can just scoot off to one of the gazillion happy-go-lucky-glowy pregnancy blogs and leave us crabapples alone here to commiserate.