I’m really not the Martha Stewart type. My house is, well, organized. It’s clean. I have a handful of pictures on the wall and the occasional throw pillow has been tossed, but no one will ever walk into my home and then seek me out for decorating advice.

But for some reason, none of that applies to the baby’s room. I have been obsessively feathering my little nest. Picking out the theme for the crib set? That was a painful week-long process that left me surfing online in the wee dark hours, dwelling over the hard choices in life. Safari, or Blue Dog? Mod Polka Dots, or Jungle Babies? Surfer Boy, Sailor, or Planes, Trains, and Automobiles? It was overwhelming.

But I had to make a choice. You see, the crib set determines the theme of the entire room, and all other decor will follow suit. It was a tough decision, but the Safari/Jungle theme won out. Then my mom came for a week-long visit. To help out, you know. She took one look at my formerly organized but not overly decorated nursery (read: forlorn, barren, and chilly), and dragged me out the door toward the nearest baby superstore. With her ever-growing shopping list in hand, we bought everything we needed for the baby-to-be. And I mean everything. The baby’s room is now a cozy pastel menagerie of lions, giraffes, zebras, and monkeys. I have blankies, snugglies, cuddlies, and soothies. I have bottles, nipples, warmers, and wipes. I have diapers stacked, books shelved, linens washed and clothes folded. There are multiple changing stations, baby swings, baby travel necessities, and several nooks and crannies filled with things that I’m just certain are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for this daunting process of bringing baby home.

Which brings me to my next problem. Oh shit. I need to pack my hospital bag! Better grab the shopping list, and get started…