Some of you have written to inquire how things all worked out in the end. On March 12, 2007, I became the proud mama to a 10 lb, 14 oz baby boy. No wonder I was so huge, and so uncomfortable! The first few weeks were rather bewildering and I spent a lot of time in a hazy, sleep-deprived state of confused bliss. Now we’ve hit a stride, and I’ve discovered that life has come back to normal — the new normal, where three consecutive hours of sleep is a good thing, and caring for and entertaining a little baby are second nature. But I have to admit, as much as I hated the last few months of pregnancy, I am totally, completely, and brilliantly in love with my darling baby boy.

In the end, it was all well worth the struggles. All it takes is one little sigh from my baby as he snuggles up on my shoulder and then falls limp as he nods off to sleep, and I can’t imagine anything better or more rewarding.

So. Next question: will I do it again? Well… that’s still up in the air. But I can already see how quickly they grow up, and as the bad memories of an uncomfortable pregnancy continue to fade, I may very well miss these days of mommy-and-babyhood soon enough to brave it all again. Maybe.