So, you want the good news first, right?

The Good News: I’m at 16 weeks and the nausea is getting better. Not gone, exactly, but I’m moving on from crackers-and-ginger ale and have now added toast, cereal, yogurt and apples to the things I can pretty much always eat. (Unlike the eggnog ice cream that I HAD to have one night. That was it. One night. Now it’s sitting in the freezer, gathering ice crystals, and reminding my poor hubby of the late-night dash to the grocery store for my MUST HAVE craving. But that’s another story.)

So that’s the good news. Now comes…

The Bad News: 16 weeks seems to be the entry point into the magical, mystical land of migraines. Daily splitting headaches are the latest in this super-fun experiment with bodily discomfort. It’s an almost constant dull ache, which spikes into mind-blowing, head-splitting, functionality-ending ragers. The kind that make you dizzy, nauseous — (oh boy! I did say it wasn’t comepletely gone, remember?) — and send you straight for the nearest couch, bed, or cold tile floor. I’m not sure just how many Tylenol are too many Tylenol, but I’ve been doing my best NOT to snarf them like breath mints, tempting as that may seem.

So let’s see. How are we doing, my little avocado-sized belly munchkin? Mommy is a blatant, snuffly insomniac. Mommy has vicious headaches. Mommy is eating better but still occasionally craves wacky things like eggnog ice cream. Mommy is sooo tired, and perhaps a little punchy. Only without the help of any “grown-up” punch.

Mommy’s not quite miserable, but she’s not a happy camper. Or bun-cooker, as the case may be.

The Worst News: I’m already feeling like a total crabapple, and I’m not even halfway there. (sigh.)