Boo hoo.

I should try writing a country song this week, with all the woe-is-me sadness I’ve been experiencing.

It’s been wildly opposite of the happy, glowing image of perfection that pregnancy is “supposed” to be. I’ve been crying over everything, and nothing. Just the other day I had a total toddler-worthy crybaby meltdown. Out of the blue, over absolutely nothing in particular. No cute puppy commercials on TV, no sad orphan story in the newspaper, nothing. I simply felt awful, sad, depressed, and needed to cry it out. In fact, just remembering that feeling makes a little teary even now. Ugh. I hope this particular bout of nastiness is short lived.

On the upside, my 2-year-old is a true lifesaver. During my recent crying jag, he came over, hugged me, and said “It’s okay, Mommy. Don’t worry — I’ve got you.”

That pretty much made it all better. (sniff.)