Holy emotional rollercoaster. Today has been the epitome of hormonal mood swings.

Morning was pretty typical, followed by a cozy, snowy afternoon where my “happy nesting” hormones seemed to kick in. I put my toddler down for his afternoon nap, worked on the computer for a while, cleaned up the kitchen — including emptying the fridge of the scary leftover containers — polished the wood furniture, and even read a book for a bit.

High point of the day: my little boy woke up, and next thing I know we’re dancing around the dining room listening to The Beatles. So sweet! So cute! So happy!

And then it all went south. Toddler started in with the endless whining, dinner didn’t sit well in my stomach, waves of exhaustion came crashing over me, and BAM! I was just plain pissed at the world. Suddenly my cute toddler was less cutie-patootie and more terrible-two-year-old. Hubby was sitting on the couch, totally ignoring both me and our irritating child, not helping at all. Then I started thinking of all the other things I’m mad about – work stuff, physical discomfort, the bad performances on the Olympics, general life drama.

Now I just want to shake it off. I want to go to bed for days, maybe months. I’d love to run away and find a beach. And a cold cocktail! Sigh. I guess I’ll settle for a warm bath and take my crabby fat self off to bed.

At least this day is over.