Pregnancy seems to be an unending series of embarrassing moments.

Today I was in the waiting room at the Social Security Administration, sitting somewhat patiently for hours so that I could request a replacement social security card. Pretty bland stuff, right?

So the waiting room is small, plain, and quiet. A small TV in the corner is the only distraction, and most of us have been watching, or at least staring in the general direction of the television. “Law & Order: SVU” comes on. And I swear, the first thing I see is a 12-year-old pregnant girl, so of course I’m immediately interested. Until Scene Two, where the cops track down the creepy baby-daddy, who proceeds to slam the door on the investigators and locks himself inside with a gaggle of small children.

Here’s where it gets really bad. On screen, a series of gunshots go off, and then the cops break into Baby Daddy’s house. And… slowly… we see that he has killed all the little babies and kids. Ugh!

I turn away, and the security guy at the office comes over and asks me if the show is disturbing me. I tell him that I’ll just turn away and not watch. But of course I found myself peeking back at the TV, where the camera zooms… slowly… at a crib (dead baby!)… and a toddler bed (dead baby!) and a little child on the floor (dead baby!)… and on and on.

I try to ignore it, but instead I start sobbing. Pretty loudly.

Security guy rushes back with a box of tissues, and couple of women in the row behind me start clucking about “poor thing, she’s pregnant!” So the security guy thankfully goes back to his desk and changes the channel.

I’m still hiccuping, and trying not to honk too loudly as I blow my nose.

Then, just to make me feel like more of a dweeb, some cranky old gal in the row in front of me turns around and says “Well thanks a lot. I was WATCHING that.”

Naturally, this is where I run to the bathroom to blow my nose loudly, bawl a little bit (all those dead babies!) and then try to compose myself before heading back to my seat.

I still had to wait another hour before I could take care of my request, and leave.