“Smuggling a basketball.”

That the was the phrase one of my gal pals recently used to describe the look of my 7 month belly. Oh, boy. I guess she meant that I’m carrying a lot in front — which is true — but it’s hardly what most of us women really want to look like.

Said “basketball” is getting huge, and in the way quite often. I believe I am officially waddling now, and simple tasks, like putting on my shoes, putting on my toddler’s shoes, unloading the dishwasher, picking up dropped keys… it’s all made rather difficult by the belly bulge. And of course there’s no getting around it.

I heave myself into and out of the bed all night long, during my hourly trips to the bathroom. I roll in and out of the driver’s seat of the car, awkwardly hauling me and the basketball-baby-belly out of the way.

Ugh. Not only is it unwieldy, but the belly totally aches at this point. The insane amount of stretching required by your insides is extremely… uncomfortable. My skin itches constantly (hello, stretch marks!). And my back, naturally, aches considerably.

For now I’m dealing with all of this with occasional Tylenol and warm baths in the evening. And a LOT of groaning, sighing, and grumbling. At least I’m now in the home stretch.