I don’t what has gotten into me lately. I can’t seem to eat enough sugary junk, and I’m worried that I’ll be in for a huge weight gain during this last trimester.

It started with the stomach flu. I was so sick and couldn’t eat for 5 days… but when my appetite came back, it came back with both a vengeance and a sweet tooth.

Now I’m constantly craving cookies, ice cream, cake, or muffins. Substituting a healthy alternative – fruit, maybe? – just doesn’t cut it. I want SUGAR. And I want it NOW!

I’ve been really good with this pregnancy as far as watching my weight gain a little more closely; last time, I gained a ton by drinking strawberry milk by the gallon. (I’m not kidding.) Now I’m afraid that my sensible weight gain during the first and second trimester is about to be blown out of the water by my massive and constant need to eat sweets.

The worst part? I’m so cranky, uncomfortable, sleep-deprived and basically bitchy that I don’t think I even care. Bring on the cupcakes, my friends.