Here’s how my day started.

Girl at bakery counter: “So you must be due really soon!”

Me: “Well, mid-June. It’s getting closer.”

Girl: “So then are you having twins? You’re so big!”

Me: “No, just one baby.”

Girl: “So, is it just what you’ve been eating, then?”

Me: (getting irritated) “I really don’t know why I’m carrying this way. Can I just place my order now?”

Ugh. Obviously, I am huge. Like, massive, should-be-carrying-multiples large. But I KNOW that, okay? I don’t need to be told by the teenager at the bakery. I just wanted a banana muffin already. And I happen to have a small frame (and a very large belly).

Yup. I’m sticking with my story. Small frame, big baby. Ten more weeks to go…