Apparently, I have hormone-induced mad organizational skills. What some would call “nesting” seems more like obsessive organizing to me lately.

First, I tackled my old office. I had to clean it out, organize it, and move it all into what is now “THE office” since hubby and I now share a home office. My old office has become my 3-year-old’s Big Boy Room. It literally took weeks. I had to go through every stack of files, paperwork and mail bit by bit. I dusted off old books and knick-knacks, and dumped a ton of oddball items off at the local Goodwill.

Next up, decorating and organizing the toddler room. It’s amazing how many weird, half-broken toys one small child can accumulate in three short years!

Now I’m back in the nursery, cleaning out the closets and drawers, and pulling out stacks of baby clothes that I saved from Kiddo #1.

Meanwhile, I’ve been re-doing my own closet, and thinking it’s time to organize the hall closet, storage room, bathroom cupboards, and perhaps even my jewelry box. Not to mention the garage, garden shed, under the kitchen sink, and just about every other cluttered corner of this house.

No wonder I’m so exhausted. It never ends…