I’ve got at least five of the seven dwarfs covered.
Dopey: I’ve been chronically sleep-deprived and generally exhausted for months now.
Sneezy: I have the unfortunate and gross pregnancy side effect of complete nasal stuffiness, turning this experience into a 9-month sentence of mouth breathing.
Sleepy: See “Dopey” above.
Grumpy: Sleep deprivation + hormones + physical pain = general ongoing bitchiness.
Bashful: I don’t want to look at my own swollen, lumpy body, and I certainly don’t like other people staring at my blimpy, puffy, stretched-out figure.

So there you go. I guess I can throw Doc in there, too, since I spend an awful lot of time at the OB/GYN office these days. The only one missing? That’s right.

Happy is MIA until baby’s arrival.