Found out this week that I have gestational diabetes. I’m also anemic. The anemia is an easy fix: iron and vitamin C supplements. The diabetes? Not so simple.

I’ll cut to the chase. NO MORE SUGAR. How much does that suck? Seriously. My one happy moment of the day has been when I sit down with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and get to snarf half of it in one sitting, with only mild feelings of guilt.

So much for that. I have had a serious preggo sweet tooth – cookies, cake, ice cream, super-sour bubble gum. (I know, that last one’s weird, right?) Now I’m not even allowed to eat any kind of fruit before lunchtime. No jelly. No maple syrup. No hot cocoa on a chilly spring evening. Definitely no chocolate bundt cake from the Corner Bakery. Not even a Coke with my low-fat, low-carb, no sugar dinners.

This freaking sucks.

Oh, and did I mention the four-times-daily bloodletting? Yes, that’s going to be a blast.